B U C I - F O R E V E R



A big focus of our design process is ensuring the life cycle of our garments is as long as possible.

We do not want to create garments that end up in the trash in a few years- we make meaningful companions that travel through different eras of your life, even different generations of your family! 

One way of making this happen is offering a lifetime warranty on our garments. This means that if something happens to your garment, we will do our best to find a creative solution to fix it and send it back to you.


Heres how it works:


Want to send something to get fixed?

email: info@bucibucibuci.com with the subject line "FIX IT"

We will get back to you with a lead time and details to get your garment fixed and back to your closet!


Some notes for transparency:


- We are not able to re - dye garments or bleach for stains!

- All customers are responsible for the shipping cost, however we do offer a drop off and pick up option for New York based customers!

- Our definition of Warranty is a little different, we will not send you a new item, we will fix your existing garment!