We do our absolute best to ensure that the packaging we use to carry our garments to you have the least impact on the environment. We are doing our best with the minimal sustainable packaging options that are on the market. In comparison to conventional packaging, sustainable alternatives tend to be expensive and and difficult to find - regardless there are still some great options. This is what we use and why we choose it as the best vessel's to carry your garments from us to your doorstep. 

Kraft Mailers !

Recyclable + Compostable


We are slowly making the transition to kraft mailers away from the bioplastic compostable mailers we now use. This is due to our discovery that bio plastic mailers usually have compounds called PFOA or PFOS: Long-chain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). These compounds are used to help the mailers breakdown fast and although they are vastly better than poly mailers that will be in a landfill long after we are all gone, they still make us uneasy. The Kraft Mailers we have chosen to move to are made with 100% recycled paper, they are considered natural as they are not coated or heavily treated. This means that they are both compostable and recyclable! Before recycling or composting please remove the shipping labels as unfortunately we have not found a way or a company that produces 100% compostable shipping labels. Both compostable bioplastic mailers and unlaminated Kraft Mailers are incredible and their impact is leaps and bounds away from the inexcusable damage of Poly mailers, as we continue to grow and learn and as the market for sustainable packaging expands we will always look for ways to do better and to grow with it.

 Still Not Sure?


-Minimalism over Extravagance !

The presentation of your garments and the experience you have opening your packages is so important to us. That said, one of our commitments to sustainability is to use as little packaging as possible in order to minimize our footprint together. We want your garments to look and feel held however we also consider their safety during their travels to you. Our compostable garment bags may not look as pristine as conventional plastic bags when they arrive to you, however we believe that the feeling you will have knowing that that bag won’t outlive you and your great great great great grandchildren is even more exciting! The average span of a plastic bag is 1000 years, compostable bags have an average life span of 3 years. We choose minimalism and sustainability over extravagance and excess. We choose three years of waste as opposed to 1000 in a landfill. We are so grateful and excited that we have the choice! We are very proud of our packaging and are very excited to share it with you!


-Compost vs Recycling !

Composting isn’t accessible to everyone and also can be difficult and new to wrap your head around. If you are able to compost you're mailers and garment bags, please do. They are more likely to end up in community gardens and worm farms depending on where you live and you can control how and where you would like your waste to go. Recycling is also great however where our recycling ends up is harder to control and if it is not separated correctly along the way there is a chance it will still end up in a landfill! We believe that your best, whatever it may be is the best! Try composting if you can, Recycle if that is what is best for you!