To us , Sustainability is not only about reducing our environmental impact, it is also about making sure the Craftsmen who make our clothes are treated with Respect.

We deeply believe that the Positivity emitted from fair and happy working conditions is transmitted to the garment and therefore to the person wearing it .

We have chosen to get our garments made where we live ,
in New York City ,to support our Community.

Because here working conditions are regulated , workers are protected , workers have rights & here the minimum wage is 15$/hour .
Unfortunately in the fashion Industry that is highly usually not the case .

It means we choose to put our craftmens Well-beings above our margins.

It means you choose paying more and supporting the lives of the people who make your clothes.

The magic of New York ,and especially the garment district, is the Connection you have to the the People who make your clothes, we want to live next door to the people who cut our fabric, we want to bump into them at a Bodega, we want to be able look into their eyes.

We Care about them, we care about their wellbeing!
They Empower us in so many ways!

You have the choice to buy less , buy Mindfully , initiate changes by



Buci was founded with the intention to use exclusively Sustainable Fabrics.
We choose to only Naturally Dye or leave our fabric Un-dyed and chemical free. All of our fabric is either made with GOTS certified Organic Cotton or  was bought as Dead-stock Fabric and Repurposed into our garments.

Why Organic Cotton ?

The reasons are endless , but for us it comes down to the dangerous and minimally regulated Mass farming techniques that harm both the soil and the people.

Over a quarter of the world’s pesticides are being used within the Conventional Cotton Industry.
Most of the conventional cotton seeds used are genetically modified (GMO) and treated with fungicides and insecticides that lead to water and soil pollution .

Organic cotton uses non of these chemicals.
It's better for the land, the water and the people

It also takes longer to grow things naturally , and this approach ends up being beneficial as it slows down the productions and reduces the chances of over consumption and waste .

Why Deadstock Fabric?

Deadstock fabrics are the left over fabrics of fashion houses who overestimated their needs.
Traditionally, brands would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to a landfill .

Using dead stock avoids the creation of environmentally damaging synthetics, and prevents beautiful fabrics from ending up in landfills.
It also helps to slow down the world's water crisis as using 1 yard of a Deadstock fabric will save 700 gallon of water as opposed to 1 Yard of fabric that is new.