Organic Cotton&Bamboo Terry


Why Organic Cotton?


We choose to use Organic Cotton because if we aren't sure about GMO'S we would prefer not to risk it. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism and it refers to crops that have been genetically altered in a lab to make producing them as profitable as possible. The GMO debate can be tedious and confusing, 90% of the cotton grown in the US is genetically modified. We like to apply the rule that we should be as careful about what we eat as what we wear on our skin everyday. It's not always possible of course but its a great thing to keep in mind. Whether you choose to eat organic or you don't mind GMO is so personal but we choose to avoid it because we aren't sure.

These are the resources that we used to help us make this decision:


Why Bamboo?


Bamboo is not only naturally stretchy and breathable, it is also one of the most sustainable crops. Here is why we choose bamboo:


  • It is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilisers
  • It requires no irrigation
  • It rarely needs replanting
  • It grows rapidly and can be harvested in 3-5 years
  • It produces 35% more oxygen that an equivalent stand of trees
  • It sequesters carbon dioxide and is carbon neutral
  • It is a critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • It is an excellent soil erosion inhibitor
  • It grows in a wide range of environments
  • It’s production into fibres has lower environmental impact than other forms of fibre, especially synthetic ones.


What we don't know

There is so much we don't know and so much more we want to learn. It is our biggest priority to understand everything about what we chose to support and what we choose to give to you to wear on your skin.